Startups are a very essential element in driving an economy’s growth. They bring in innovation which distinguishes them from the competition. In Pakistan, many innovative stratups have gained international recognition due to the USP they created amongst tough competition. There are many companies in Pakistan that are making history on global scale. These are a few of the noteable examples:

Farm Dar

Farmdar uses high-resolution, multi-band satellite imagery to create data that can be used by both farmers and corporates. These statistics have an impact on the efficiency and profitability. Farmdar operates through various co-working spaces in Pakistan. However, in Islamabad, it is located at MindStir, a premium co-Working Space. Their vision is to create a sustainable food supply for the world and to give the Pakistani farmers control over their harvest and market value.

Their mission is to empower farmers with actionable data to:

  • Lower costs
  • Increase yield
  • Enhance quality
  • Reduce waste.


Edge Store

Edge Store is a marketplace of machine learning models for phone and edge devices. Its headquarter is located in Islamabad at MindStir, a premium co-Working Space. Edge Store is the world’s first AI marketplace for phone & edge devices. It aims to make a unified SDK to accelerate the pace of model development and integration across any edge device. Their edge-engine is a highly optimized framework that runs all types of machine learning models in your phone apps with just two lines of code.

The work process consists of

  • Quick Integration
  • Use Cases
  • Comprehensive Security


xGear by One Step Solution

One Step Solutions (an IT Company) has developed a startup named xGear – a small device for data collection and predictive analysis platform of vehicles, it extracts data directly from the engine of the car, transmit data onto a secure cloud where learning algorithms process the data to deliver precise, real-time and actionable insights to drivers and enterprises.

Its workflow procedure entails:

  • Any car’s OBD port can be plugged in to use xGear.
  • XGear then collects information about the car’s health, performance.
  • Sends this data to your PC or smartphone.

Recently, One Step Solutions won the Green & Sustainable IT Applications award at the country’s leading annual ICT awards competition for xGear.

One Step Solution’s head office is located in LG 107-G, Commercial Phase 1, DHA, Lahore, Punjab PK.



Edutative is an online forum for students. This startup business offers student evaluation and rankings for various Pakistani universities and colleges. It also hosts online student societies for users to discuss issues relating to their field of study. Out of the 180 universities in Pakistan, 40 universities are collaborating with them at the moment.

Additionally, their website offers:

  • Online examination and advice for SAT, MCAT and ECAT
  • Various test papers



Mangobaaz is a platform for Pakistani youth. It is sometimes referred to as the Mashable of Pakistan. It is an online source for news, information and entertainment that highlights stories, which are not covered by mainstream media. They give edgy content because they want to break the trend of boring and uninteresting content on media channels. Their main objective is to shed light on the diversity of Pakistani culture.